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Mike Lin

General Partner

Mike Lin is an investor, engineer and serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in tech, startups, and venture capital.

He was previously a Partner at Big Idea Ventures, a climate fund investing in plant- based food and alternative protein. Prior to working in venture capital, he was Founder and CEO of Fenix International, a leading renewable energy and financing company that powers over 7 million people across nine countries. He raised over $45M in venture capital and venture debt, developed patented energy technologies and forged strategic partnerships with global tech giants including Google, Vodafone, and Orange. Fenix grew to over 350 employees and was successfully acquired in April 2018 by Engie, one of the world’s largest utilities.

Mike believes that business can be a vehicle for positive change and combines his passion for social and environmental prosperity with design thinking, business strategy and new product development. He is a serial entrepreneur and worked at Makani Power (acquired by Google) and Squid Labs, a startup studio (Instructables, acquired by Autodesk). He has worked with Apple on climate change and environmental technologies, Al Gore on the “Inconvenient Truth” presentation and lectured courses on green design and entrepreneurship at Stanford and Yale.

Mike has six patents, has received over $1.7M in grants from the US Environmental Protection Agency and UK Government, awards from the Rockefeller Foundation, Aspen Institute, BusinessWeek, and Popular Science, and has been featured in The New York Times, Bloomberg, Forbes, Wired, The Guardian and others. Mike earned an MS and BS in Mechanical Engineering and Product Design from Stanford University.

He is an Eagle Scout, a champion Junior Olympic Archer and co-founder of the Stanford University Archery team. He lives in San Francisco and enjoys spending time with his family outdoors, mountain biking, growing food, and cooking over an open fire.

Listen to Mike on This Week in Startups with Molly Wood

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