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Building a More Resilient Future

We back companies building a more sustainable and resilient future for people and the planet. We believe the world’s most existential challenges represent an opportunity to build the next generation of enduring businesses that will help build a cleaner and safer world.

To do this, we find wildly ambitious entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to challenge fundamental assumptions about the state of affairs here on Planet Earth. Then we support them financially, strategically, and emotionally as they stake their careers on solving difficult and urgent problems.

We believe private enterprise - and, specifically, early stage venture - has a critical role to play in improving the fate of the planet and humanity. It’s certainly not the only tool in the toolbox, but with each new United Nations IPCC climate report and new apocalyptic headline, we can’t help but feel we need greater urgency and dedication to the cause.

We know technology, startups, and the mighty engine of entrepreneurship. We’ve lived the ups and downs of the startup roller coaster from founding through to successful exits, and we’ve had to pull the plug on what we thought were sure bets. This stuff is hard. It’s emotional. With all of this scar tissue, we’ve gained a healthy perspective and we know how to navigate these rough waters.


We believe that healing the planet and people is just good business. As early stage investors, we’re putting our chips on entrepreneurs. It’s their insatiable curiosity, their infectious enthusiasm, and their willingness to move mountains in service of an idea that holds the most promise for meaningful and timely change.

We don’t know exactly what’s coming next, or how, or when - but we can do our part to help build a bright and more sustainable future.

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